Fix PC Problems
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When computers slow down and display error messages, many think it's the end. But there is a solution. RegistryPC halts computer deterioration and can even reverse it! It provides a way to get back the performance you paid for.
1. Use RegistryPC to scan for Registry Errors.
2. Repair the Errors with one-click Resolution!
3. Optimize PC performance with on-board utilities.

RegistryPC is advanced system care, equipped with the tools that get your PC back into shape:

  • Clean the Windows Registry
  • Get MS™ Updates (New!)
  • Get Driver Updates (New!)
  • Clean Private Data (New!)
  • Optimize Internet (New!)
  • SmartDisk Defrag (New!)
  • Contril Browser Behavior with IE Manager & IE Restore
  • Run High-performance scans
  • Remove Junk Files
  • Fix Invalid Application Paths
  • Fix Invalid Shortcuts
  • Fix Invalid Class Keys
  • Fix Invalid User Settings
  • Fix Invalid System Settings
  • Fix Invalid File Associations
  • Manage Browser BHOs
  • Protect your Privacy
  • & Protect your Identity
  • Create Full Registry Backups
  • Block Bad ActiveX objects
  • Reregister ActiveX objects
  • Manage Onboard Programs
  • Make System Restore points
  • Manage Recently Used Files
  • Control Program Shortcuts
  • Make Windows Load Faster
  • Make Apps Run Smoothly
  • Validate Startup Programs
  • Validate OLE & COM Objects
  • Validate Active-X Objects
  • Check Uninstall Sections
  • Manage Shared DLLs
  • Rectify Invalid Fonts
  • Control Start-Menu Items
  • Delete Empty Registry Keys
  • Coordinate System Services
  • Organize Startup Entries
  • Tweak System Memory
  • Prevent Application Crashes
  • Regain Wasted Disk Space
  • Remove Errors Manually
  • or Automatically
  • Prevent PC Freezes
  • & Prevent System crashes
  • Now With Unlimited Free Tech Support
  • And Unlimited Automatic Updates

What made my PC slow?

PCs slow down because they're designed to. Day to day use of a PC inserts errors into the Windows Registry. Over time these errors not only drain system speeds but becomes the source of seemingly unrelated error messages. RegistryPC finds these errors and fixes them!
Are you tired of...
• A computer slowed to a crawl
• Hardware & Driver Malfunctions
• System Crashes
• Computer Freezes
• A PC that takes forever to boot
• Indecipherable Error Messages
Fix PC problems now with just one click

Use RegistryPC to scan for Registry Errors. Repair the Errors with one-click Resolution! Optimize PC performance with on-board utilities.

Why Should you Use RegistryPC?

RegistryPC is indispensable PC repair. It summarily locates, isolates and removes Registry errors, all while safeguarding the integrity of your system. Now, thanks to a redesigned interface, ReggistryPC is also one of the easiest applications to use. One click, and you can restore computer stability, performance and speed!

It's fast and easy to use RegistryPC. All is takes is two minutes and it can not only remove registry errors, but enact vital optimizations of multiple PC components. With just one click, you'll see a world of difference in the way your computer runs.

Download RegistryPC Now to Maximize your System's Potential!

Fix Free Clean Hard Drive Problems

RegistryPC will CLEAN UP, TUNE UP, and SPEED UP Your Windows Registry. Use it to prevent or get rid of…

  • PC System Crashes
  • Computer Freezes
  • Poor Computing Performance
  • Runtime Errors
  • Internet Explorer Errors
  • System32 Errors
  • Windows Installer Errors
  • Driver Update Errors
  • ActiveX Errors
  • Browser Plug-in Errors
  • Windows Startup Errors
  • Internet Explorer Errors
  • Media Player Errors
  • Problems with Windows Task Manager
  • hhctrl.ocx Errors
  • DLL Errors
  • Errors with lsass.exe, svchost.exe, and other EXE errors
  • Computer Shutdown Problems
  • Program Shutdown Errors
  • Scripting Errros
  • Windows Operating System Problems
  • Chkdsk Errors
  • Scan Disk Errors
  • Registry Corruption
  • Dr. Watson Errors
  • Hardware Malfunctions
  • Windows Versioning Problems
  • Even Windows Blue Screens
  • Fix Free Clean Hard Drive


  • Has your Computer Slowed Down?
  • Does it Freeze up at the worst times?
  • Do you get frustrating Error Messages?
  • Do you suffer Browser Errors & Popups?
  • Do you get "Unable to Load" .dll Errors?
  • Repair PC Errors Fast!
  • RegistryPC = Exceptional Computer Performance